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Stencil Orders

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Do you have a project at home that you just need help with the wording? Our stencil material works on most wood surfaces (and some canvas surfaces with the proper preparation)! With the ability to cut up to 48" wide x almost unlimited length, we can help!  

Below we have our line up of our designs to choose from, with custom options availalve for most of our standard sizes. However, if you have a specific dimension that is not close to our ranges, just fill out the form on the bottom and we will get back to you with a price quote!  

A bit of info:

  • While we will certainly include directions on board preparation tips and tricks, we can not guarantee the results of projects completed outside of the studio and outside of our board preparation.
  • Stencils will typically only stick to un-glossed surfaces-- sanding is recommended for best results.
  • It is recommended to have some experience working with vinyl to help have easier results with your project.


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