It's no secret that the reason we are here is because of amazing makers like YOU!

Let's face it, the world is a noisy place... and there is SO much information to sort through on a daily basis that we tend to rely most on what our friends say. Why? Because there is a level of TRUST that they won't steer us wrong (or at least I would hope your friends would point you in the direction of all things good). 

At Paisley Grace Makery, we have some of the BEST-- and I mean BEST customers I could have ever dreamed of... and you all truly become FRIENDS that we value so much! 

If you LOVE Paisley Grace Makery (like if you're sitting in your house and you can't help by see a PGM sign, or if you're wishlist on our site is a few pages long) we want to partner WITH you!  We know that life is so much better when we do it together!

So we're launching a brand ambassador program   The concept is simple.  We'll keep coming up with new and exciting projects, you share about PGM when you're at the store, on your Facebook Page, or when your friends are looking for a creative party-- and you'll be able to reward them with your exclusive promo code! 

Each time your friends and family use your code you'll earn points towards levels of FREE PGM!

Sound like something you'd rock at?  Fill out the form below and be one of our first 10 Brand Ambassadors for 2021!