Sat. May 11th @ 10am--[CREATE]--A Mother Daughter Workshop

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In the Spirit of Mother’s Day, Join Coach Judy, a life coach ( and former head youth swim coach and youth leader) as you learn how to communicate more effectively, actively co-creating a mother-daughter relationship built on mutual trust, respect and love. Mothers and daughters will both learn about how to manage expectations, as well as value each others thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

This workshop will include tools for open and honest communication so that your relationship can be one of acknowledgment, love and deeper connection.

This workshop is for all ages of mothers and daughters (ages 9 and up) and other maternal bonding relationships like aunt and niece who are committed to creating a deeper more compassionate relationship for a lifetime.

You will create a journal that will become the manual for how to respect each others voice and identity while also allowing for the unique opportunity to develop a more connected and beautiful story of your own special love story that is full of challenges,hopes and dreams.

When women feel heard, less judged and supported then the bonds are like those of the elephant tribe, where fierce love and care empowers the whole tribe. This is about raising all of us women into the empowered and confident leaders we were born to be.

Coach Judy Prokopiak a nurse, health and life coach who is passionate about helping everyone learn the tools to become the next best version of themselves and show others what is possible when you get out of your own way and live your divinely inspired life. Working with youth for many years, she has a passion for empowering young people to believe in their true potential and understand that all limits are just in their mind.

$50 includes registration for a Mother/Daughter pair

Additional "Daughters" or "Mothers" can be added for $25