Collection: Classroom Kits and Field Trips

"Creativity is intelligence having fun." -Albert Einstein
At Paisley Grace Makery, we want to help bring a little creativity and fun into the classroom. We understand you don't have the hours to prepare crafts and activities for your students all the time when there is so much to do! So whether you are looking for a craft to match a theme, a special reward activity or a craft for an upcoming holiday or end of year celebration, we have you covered!

We have three options to choose from. 

  • CLASSROOM KIT for self-led project
  • FIELD TRIP TO OUR STUDIO (50 students at one time)

Take a look at the design options we have to choose from for our Classroom Kits and Field trips and schedule your event today! 

Can't find what you're looking for?

While we try to keep our website as updated as possible, there's a lot of moving parts in running a DIY workshop! If you have an idea in mind or can't find what you are looking for just shoot us an email at and we're happy to help!