Believe it or not, running a creative studio or mobile paint party buisness doesn't have to be stressful or consume all of your time.   You can have a thriving business and still have a life.  And we are here to give you actionable steps to make your creative studio dream a reality!

Four times a year we open up the doors to our Raising Maker Bootcamp.  This ten day course is jam packed with USABLE information to help you launch your creative business or LEVEL up to make it a smooth running machine. 

We have all been in the industry over seven years and have created seven figure businesses that thrive.  We're not here to give you "fluff", this course is designed to allow you to see behind the scenes of the what and the how of running our studios and businesses.  We'll teach you how to set up, how to pivot and most of all give you the community support to thrive.
What are you waiting for?  Join the bootcamp waiting list today!  You won't want to miss it!


  • How to make your Brand stand out from the competition 
  • Best Projects to Offer & Planning Your Launches
  • Walls of Protection for your Business and Building Strong Policies
  • Sourcing Materials 
  • Streamlining Order Processes, Websites and Systems
  • Getting the Word Out: SEOs and Social Media Best Practices 
  • Open Forum for Questions on Specific Business Needs

WHY WAIT? There's no better time to be rocking a creative DIY business than now!

Raising Makers- BOOTCAMP (APRIL Class)

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Bootcamp is offered four times a year.  The exact class dates will be announced as the month approaches, but span for a 10 day period.  All zooms are recorded so while we believe you will get the most out of the course to attend live, it is easy to catch up if your schedule prohibits you from attending. 

When you register we will ask for your zip code of where you are operating your business.  We do not allow members to be closer than 15 miles from another member to allow each business to be able to flourish.   

Facebook group details will be sent approximately 3 days prior to the start of bootcamp.  If your registration is in conflict with a current member we will refund your registration in full. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Angie Feathers
Boot camp Review

It was awesome and I learned so much and working on implementing some of the things I learned into my business.
Heather and Jen are 2 great trainers and are very passionate about their business.

jennifer Goyette

Raising Makers- BOOTCAMP (APRIL Class)

melissa senter

Took away a great wealth of information, new ideas to grow, and had many of my questions answered.

Chasiti Begley
BEST Business Investment for Shop Owners

Just finished up the April 2022 Training. WOW. I am shocked at how much information was given within a small timeframe. The gals are passionate about what they do and they tell it all! I opened my DIY Workshop just 5 months ago, and as a one-man show starting from the ground up and still working full time, this is exactly what I needed to propel my business forward. My sales have not been as great as I anticipated just starting out, but I've already implemented just a couple of things on my social media and it's increased my sales in just a week's time. Looking forward to continuing to digest all the information and implement even more great ideas. Although, it's only been a couple of days since I finished Bootcamp -- I really feel a breakthrough coming for my business with just a few adjustments needing made!

Great tips

Heather and Jen know their stuff. They are passionate about what they teach you and cover all the big basics. I'm excited to get my plans going! Thanks ladies.