Our Most Diverse Party Option

Pick Your Project Parties

Whether you're looking for a birthday celebration for a friend, a bachelorette party, family reunion or just because-- our Pick Your Project workshops open up over 1,000 design options starting at just $15 per person. Everyone can choose their own design and you can choose whether they pay their own way or it's paid by a single person or organization!

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Celebrate Creatively

Youth Party Packages

We want to make your child's birthday party MEMORABLE, FUN and full of creativity! With a wide variety of packages to choose from from Build-A-Buddy Stuffed Animal Parties to Painting Wood Signs or even our Fluid Art Paint Pours-- Your child and their friends will LOVE celebrating at Paisley Grace Makery!

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Get the team out to CREATE memories!

Team Building Parties

Whether you choose from our Pick Your Project workshops, epoxy workshops or paint pouring-- Our Team Building Workshops are a great way to gather your employees on the beautiful Amelia Island and break out of the comfort zone of the office walls! Our party coordinator can customize registration options to meet your needs and budget. This makes a wonderful employee reward or brainstorming meeting!

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