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Get Creative! Join us in the studio or order a DIY Kit for home!

With over 750 projects to choose from, you can truly create something unique for YOU or a gift with PGM! We're not a "everyone do the same thing" kind of place-- we're here to help you put your unique mark on the world in a fun, relaxed and supportive enviroment- where you can find your inner artist!

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We're more than just DIY! From laser engraved gifts, to unique handcrafted and sourced home decor and gifts-- come pop in and shop our collection of unique gifts!

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How our Workshops Work:

Our studio is located at 1014 S 7th Street.

We have public workshops every week that you can see on our Calendar! To pre-register for these workshops, simply click on our Gallery, select your favorite project and choose your desired date!


  • Jennifer Brooks

    I am so impressed with how willing and how quickly my custom ornaments were created, customized and done, ready for my party in less than a week. True local customer service was in helping me create the absolute best thing for my guests to create and take home as a momento from my gathering. Always willing to do whatever I need in my timeframe! Highly recommend and can't wait until I can do more!!

  • Jessica Durham

    We had my daughter’s 7th birthday party here this past Saturday! They created an amazing space to host all 10 girls! The instructor was so patient and fun!! The entire experience was awesome and even the mama’s had a great time! We are already planning our next party!

  • Midge McHugh

    Greatly enjoyed our time at your studio! The staff was SO NICE, genuine and so helpful! We were working on some things for a wedding and Heather helped us so much! I went back to finish them and Leia and Maddy were so nice and sweet to help me! Will definitely be back! Thank you!

  • Kendall Cason

    My mom and I visited tonight for our first time, we had the studio to ourselves and had an incredible time! Leah led us in our paint and she was INCREDIBLE! She has the perfect personality and was amazing from beginning to finish. We will definitely be back to work with her again!!

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