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Paisley Grace Makery provides DIY Workshops that help everyone create artwork for their lives so they feel comfortable and successful. Since 2015 we have had over 10,000 makers walk through our doors of all ages. We believe that everyone was created to create and that there is an artist in everyone. We take the guess work out of it and provide patient and fun loving instructors combined with high quality materials and processes to help create a beautiful piece of art for your home that uniquely represents your style. We have events from all ages from Toddler time, to family-friendly Open Paint during the day. Our evening workshops (ages 16+) are perfect for get together with friends or date nights when you need a creative night out! We make a commitment to our makers to always be coming out with new designs and new projects to make decorating your home or giving a gift easy and fun!
We also have designers on staff to help bring YOUR visions to LIFE! If you have a custom design, a special quote, or an idea in mind that you have been pining over on Pinterest to create, please let us help! We are here to be YOUR local making spac


Heather is a maker at heart that started PGM when she was 8.5 months pregnant when the MLM Company she worked for suddenly closed its doors. With nowhere else to turn to, she went back to her roots of art and teaching and combined it with the party plan business model she had lived in for the past 5 years. The company was born out of her garage, with the help of her husband, Matt. After a year of countless mobile parties, the time had come to take a leap of faith and open a studio! With two young children, it wasn't long before she realized it was time to build a team of amazing instructors to help guide the vision. The studio opened in March 2016, and the team has grown with key managers and instructors at the helm. In 2019, PGM moved into its current studio on the island and expanded into Open Paint Hours and additional projects. We still keep our mobile parties as an option as it is part of our roots, however; we are able to offer many more projects in the studio! Our team is passionate about helping others find their inner artist, while relaxing in a fun and laid back atmosphere.


Paisley Grace Makery was founded on the belief that people are made to be makers and can find satisfaction in turning raw materials into their vision.


We are Family

Our staff and our customers are our family and are the backbone of Paisley Grace Makery. Since we are all wonderfully-created beings, each with our own unique gifts, experiences and needs, we always want people to feel important, loved and cherished at every touch-point with our company. No one will ever feel like “just a number” when they walk through our doors. Instead, they should feel like welcome friends to our safe zone of happiness and creativity.

Kindess Matters

If there is a situation that calls for an extension of kindness, we will make sure that our kindness lights the way. Of course our company has policies – but we do our best to pay it forward, brighten someone’s day and when people are kind, we act as the mirror to have light reflected back to them in return.

Everyone is created to Create

We believe that all people are creative in some way, shape or form – sometimes they just need someone to light the path to help them discover that and get over their fear of creating. When customers get comfortable, they try new things, think outside the box, they feel empowered and gain confidence to get their hands dirty and put their unique stamp on the world.

Meet the Staff

Meet the Owner

Hi! I'm Heather Bennett. Thank you so much for taking the time to check out Paisley Grace Makery! I am a maker at heart, and almost feel lost if my hands aren't messy! I still can't believe this dream of helping people find their inner artist has lead to all of this amazingness, but I couldn't do it without my amazing team (pictured below) and the support of my family. The handsome hunk next to me in my husband Matt. He is the biggest supporter of my dreams, but still helps me keep my feet on the ground! And do you see that cute little blonde to the left of me? That's Paisley Grace! She's our name sake and a passionate and spitfire little girl who has a passion for gymnastics and all things dirt and nature. The cutie to the far right of the picture is Tucker! He's my sweet spirited son who has never met a stranger and loves to entertain everyone he meets. When I'm not in the studio I love to spend time reading and traveling with my family. I believe experiences are the best gift of life and I plan on soaking up as many as possible!


Meet the TEAM

These wonderful people (and some not pictured) are what make Paisley Grace Makery what it is! Each staff member brings a unique experience to Paisley Grace Makery, but the one thing in common is they all have HUGE hearts and patient souls and a passion to help you find your inner artist!


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