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Kellie and Mike have been through an unimaginable three months and have navigated Mikes 2nd DOUBLE lung transplant this month. The expenses of an out of network surgery and having to relocate for 3+ months after the surgery are piling up. This week we are donating our proceeds directly to Mike and Kellie. You can help make a difference simply by shopping for decor, purchasing gifts or signing up for a workshop! Donate Directly With Venmo @Kellie-Boston

Breathing With the Bostons

September 1, 2018 Mike received his first double lung transplant at Mayo clinic in Jacksonville, Florida due to cystic fibrosis!  The new lungs worked amazing for him for over 5 1/2 years until he contracted Covid . From December 6 2023 to January 26th 2024, Mike was hospitalized at Mayo in Jacksonville and then on January 26. He was airlifted by jet to Vanderbilt medical Institute in Nashville Tennessee.  Mike and his wife Kellie are currently living in the ICU at Vanderbilt awaiting a second double lung transplant.  While typically private people medically, so many people have reached out to offer support. We will be required to make Nashville our second home (primary home is Amelia Island, FL) for years to come to receive continual treatment. 

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