Let Paisley Grace Makery be your next in School Field Trip!

Our mission is to help everyone find their inner artist, and we have a passion to help students experience art in the schools after so many districts have had to make hard cuts to art programs when funding decreases.
Our staff will come out to your school and paint with a grade level or multiple grade levels!
Our most popular project for grade levels is our 8x8 mini boards. We can customize the timing based on rooms available (many schools have had us in the cafeteria or STEAM Lab). Our Minis are typically $15 each, however for grade levels we lower the price to $10 per student and waive our travel fee for groups of 100 students ore more.
We are always happy to flex the designs we offer to correspond to a holiday, curriculum or interests of the students! Typically we offer 6-9 designs for students to pick from and collect the design choices 7-10 days prior to the event to have everything prepared. The boards have a pre-painted background to ease time constraints and allow the students to have fun in about a 35-45 minute experience.

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