A stunning Display of Faith

There are times when I am trying to come up with a collection that it takes hours, if not days of second guessing, reworking and configuring which designs to curate together to form a cohesive collection.  Then there are some collections that come together as if they were always meant to be. 

It was simply amazing and so natural feeling on how fast the Faith Collection came together for me. If I'm honest, I had been working for HOURS on a collection geared around dogs.  I had hit a paralysis by analysis moment because there simply was SO many ways I could imagine curating it I was stuck on a direction. 

When I get to this point, I know for me, I need to walk away-- or in other words, be like Elsa and "Let it Go".  So I opened a new tab on my Adobe Illustrator and stared at the blank screen for a moment.  It was then the words rang in my head... "It is well with my Soul..."  and I knew that the reason I couldn't get the dog collection out of my head was because it wasn't it's time yet.  

I am not exaggerating when I saw in less than 10 minutes I had curated what is now the Faith Collection.  A wonderfully understated, yet powerful display of faith partnered with a rustic barn quilt vibe.  

I am in love with the centerpiece of this collection being the cross surrounded by geometric lines --reminiscent of the sun.  Flanking either side of the cross is a pair of signs that simply read, It is Well With my Soul, in a truly stunning classic three layered frame with delicate flowers to bring an air of sophistication to the collection.  

The Mountain barn quilt ties in the theming with the reminder that Faith can Move Mountains indeed.   Then the collection is topped off with a wonderful reminder of the character traits of many of the people we encounter in the Bible.  

I hope you love this bundle as much as I do.   Let it be a simple reminder that Faith is always bigger than Fear. 



A stunning Display of Faith
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