Swap the Sugar Coma for a Crafty Adventure

Ah, Halloween, the magical time of year when kids transform into sugar-fueled tornadoes, leaving a trail of candy wrappers in their wake! It's the season when dentists sharpen their tools and parents perfect the art of the sugar-induced smile. But hold on, before you dive into the abyss of endless sweets and sugar-induced chaos, consider this: do we really want our little monsters turning into mini sugar zombies? Picture this: kids on a sugar high, bouncing off the walls like rubber balls in a candy store. Now, imagine a different scenario - little hands crafting spooky creatures and haunted houses, fueled by creativity, not sugar rushes. This Halloween, why not swap the sugar coma for a crafty adventure? Step away from the candy aisle and embrace the world of creativity with craft kits that promise smiles, not sugar crashes. Let the ghosts and goblins be made of paper, not pure glucose. It's time to give the dentist a break and let imagination reign supreme!

There's a few great projects we've launched this year at affordable prices that are great for parties, classroom celebrations, fall festivals and more! 

1. Pop Out Kits 

These pop out kits come are available in almost every holiday, but I especially love the Halloween Ghost and Jack O Lanterns.  We package them with paint and brushes so it's easy to pass out.  It doesn't matter if your little ghouls and goblins paint outside the lines because when they are done you just pop out the pieces and glue them together and you're left with an adorable little mini sign to decorate for Halloween. 
2. Boo Gift Sets 
Whether you like to "Boo Your Neighbors" or you're just looking for a fun gift for the grandkids- these gift sets are packaged complete with a bow on top and all the supplies needed to create this candy-corn inspired mini sign!  
Looking for enough for a whole class?  If you need more than 15, contact us for bulk pricing! We'll give you sets of paint to share, sponges, brushes and more for an awesome classroom activity that won't break the budget.
3. Spooky Tic Tac Toe
Looking for the purr-fect way to spice up your Halloween festivities? Look no further than our Halloween Black Cat Tic-Tac-Toe Craft Set, where spookiness meets strategy! This bewitching kit comes complete with charming black cat game pieces, each one infused with a sprinkle of mystery and a dash of playfulness. The pumpkins and ghosts, serving as the opposing pieces, add a ghoulish twist to this classic game. It's not just a game; it's a spooky showdown where wit and creativity collide. As you plot your moves and strategize to win, you'll be surrounded by the enchanting aura of Halloween. Plus, after the game is over, you'll have a delightful craft creation to adorn your space, reminding you of the magical moments shared with friends and family. So why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary Halloween fun with our Black Cat Tic-Tac-Toe Craft Set? It's the cat's meow of Halloween entertainment!
In the battle of crafts versus sugar, it's clear that creativity triumphs over cavities every time! Let's face it, while sugar might give you a momentary rush, it's the crafts that provide a lasting high – the joy of creation, the laughter shared with loved ones, and the proud display of your handmade masterpieces. Sure, sugar can make your taste buds dance, but crafts make your imagination boogie! So this Halloween, let's ditch the sugar-induced drama and opt for the sweet satisfaction of crafting memories together. Remember, a well-crafted ghost might not satisfy your sweet tooth, but it will definitely satisfy your soul. Here's to a Halloween filled with laughter, love, and a whole lot of creativity! Craft on, my friends, and let the sugary shenanigans take a back seat to the spooktacular world of imagination!
Swap the Sugar Coma for a Crafty Adventure
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