Maker Meet Up 2024: Learning Techniques for Running a DIY Studio Day 1

This weekend was our 2nd Annual Maker Meet Up.

 Our recent maker meetup was nothing short of extraordinary, bringing together a community of like-minded individuals eager to share, learn, and create. From  scavenger hunts to insightful discussions on strategies, the event was a whirlwind of excitement and inspiration.  It's a time where the Raising Makers Community has a chance to go beyond our weekly Zoom trainings and come together for a weekend of Collaboration, Communication and Connection.  

 To be invited to Maker Meet Up, you have to be an active member in our Raising Makers Membership.   It's an exclusive group for those who have completed my Maker Bootcamp Program.  It truly has become a unique and wonderful community of makers because they value community over competition.  I believe it's because in this group, everyone has zip code protection to ensure that they are able to confidently share ideas while knowing that their direct market will not be affected.  

Our adventure kicked off on Thursday evening with a scavenger hunt around the charming streets of Fernandina Beach, FL. Participants had the opportunity to connect with local businesses, explore the town, and foster a sense of camaraderie. The hunt set the tone for the days ahead, sparking creativity and forging connections within our maker community.  They visited Pelindaba Lavender, Blue Door Artists, Amelia Coffee, Green Turtle Tavern, The Palace Saloon, and we ended at Twisted Sister, where the owner Kim, graciously shared her strategies for creating captivating retail displays and offered valuable insights on navigating the market. Participants gained a deeper understanding of the art of presentation and learned how to make a lasting impression in the world of retail.gave us a wonderful training on the importance of merchandising displays and how to shop at markets to gain inspiration and add additional revenue to our businesses.  

Scavenger Hunt through Downtown Fernandina



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