My Top 3 Mantras for Success

One of my favorite things in running a DIY studio is that I get to surround myself with quotes and positive messages.  My world is literally what I create it to be-- and I truly do believe that we are what we see and think.   So by putting positivity around me, it's easier to stay in a positive mindset.   

That being said, I'm not going to sugar coat it- Running a business is tough.  It takes being able to handle a level of stress, chaos and constant change that would break most people.  That's not to discourage you from jumping in full force-- it's also (outside of my marriage and my children) the single most rewarding thing I have done.  I have learned so much about myself and what I am capable of through running Paisley Grace Makery.  

However, there are 3 main Mantra that have gotten me through some of the toughest times in my business and have helped me shape it into what it is today. 

1.  You don't have to be mean, but you have to mean business. 

This was advice I received from a dear mentor of mine, Jackie.  I notoriously am a people pleaser-- as I think most women tend to find themselves falling in the trap of.   I will always go out of the way to make someone happy or brighten their day.   And while this characteristic has brought me many loyal customers and friends-- I've learned you have to draw the line somewhere.   It is absolutely vital that you set policies and procedures in your business.  These are the FOUNDATION to your business -- and without them, your business will crumble, just like the house build on sand.   If you don't work Sundays, then stick with it.  If you need payment before starting a project- don't make exceptions.   Set the framework for your business and let it guide your decisions. 

2. The minute you fall into the trap of "This is the Way We've Always Done It" thinking, you are setting yourself up for Failure. 

Nobody knows it all. Quite frankly, much like parenting, we often are making it up as we go along.   However, somehow in business, I find many of my cohorts so rigid and stuck in the way they do something, that they refuse to pause and take the 30,000 foot view to figure out if it's the BEST way to do it.   While yes, you need policies for a firm foundation, if something isn't working in your business, it's time to stop looking at the tree in front of you and look at everything through fresh eyes.  Seek wise counsel, ask fellow business owners.  Sometimes there is a path around that you just don't see because you're looking at the tree rather than the forest.   Sometimes it can be as easy as switching the orientation of where you have the tables in your workshop to create a better workflow for your employees and gain productivity.   Be willing to PIVOT!


3. You are not superwoman, but you can be a Super Woman.   You just have to give yourself the space in between. 

Also from my mentors, Charity and Jackie-- this one has hit me upside the head more often than not.  I am a workaholic.  Often when something is going wrong in my business or if something is going amazingly right, I will work myself to the point of exhaustion and sickness where my body will give up.  This is not healthy and yet as entrepreneurs I think we do it more than we realize it.  YOU HAVE TO REST.   LIKE TRULY REST.  Turn off your phone, ignore notifications and BE OFF.   You'll return to your work SO much more productive and ready to tackle the challenges when you can approach it with a fresh mindset.  So carve out at least 8 hours of FUN in your schedule each week-- preferably consecutively- but at least 8 hours where you are 100% focused on ANYTHING but your business (an no, sleeping doesn't count -- you have to do that too.) 


What are your mantras? 

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