Thank you for A Great Year ...even in 2020...

PGM was originally born out of just raw excitement and the need to make an income after the company I worked for suddenly closed and I was 8 months pregnant.  I've always "shot from the hip" and "rolled with the punches" and all of the other crazy expressions that basically mean I did everything I could to land on my feet.  

But nothing prepared me for 2020.  I think almost all of us can say that... and before I go on, a huge shout to to all the first responders and front line workers who have endured so much this year and put yourself in the risk of the virus.   

And another shout out to Small Business Owners everywhere. This year has not been easy, but I think we all can agree that sometimes the BEST ideas come when you are forced to take the leap.  I watched so many fellow business reinvent their whole line of offerings to adapt to the circumstances and it was inspiring and amazing to watch.  

This year we expanded our take and make offerings to (almost) ALL of our items and learned how to package and ship them in ways that would function best for our customers.  We opened delivery routes to our local areas and perhaps most exciting of all is we finally launched the subscription boxes I've been contemplating (but was WAY too afraid to do so) and we've been met with an overwhelming response.  These boxes helped us pay the rent every month-- so a HUGE shout out and thank you to each of our PGM Maker Box subscribers for adding a breath of stability to each daunting month that COVID has brought. 

Last week, a few members of our staff were able to gather to celebrate and spend some time outside of the studio together.  It was a fun time to gather and laugh-- and try new things like GOLFING at Top Golf!

(Pictured left to right-- Lindsey (our Wood Worker Master), Leah (Our fearless manager and lead instructor), Heather Bennett (owner and operator), and Mallory (Paint Pouring Master and Brave Organizer).   Not Pictured (Laine, our friendly Instructor, Maggie, Lead sander and board preparer, Emily, Assistant Instructor and Megan, master systems maker), Nikki and Laura- Instructors that come to the rescue.

So THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.  We would not have survived this year if it wasn't for our Makers and those who support us in our endeavors.  We are SO excited to bring you new designs and NEW fun in 2021.  


Here's to praying for a bright and easier 2021!!


Keep enjoying the maker life,





Thank you for A Great Year ...even in  2020...
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Congratulations on all your successes. Here’s to many more in 2021!!! Blessings to you and yours.

Pam Bell

Y’all look like you were having a
Blast at top golf!!!good times! 🥰


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