TAKE THE CHALLENGE, CHOOSE A DATE and LET'S MAKE ONE group the crowned VIPs of the Makery! 

Are you a loyal PGM Maker? Or have you always wanted to try a workshop at Paisley Grace Makery? Have you been seeing the new designs and want one for your home?
Here's your chance to PAINT and WIN $50 for you and all of your friends!

Fall is our FAVORITE time of year, and we have SO many fun designs to show you all that we can't wait to have you in the studio! So why not make it a friendly competition? For the MONTH of September we want you to spread the word, invite your friends, your co workers, your family and choose a date to MAKE memories together!! The group/Team that has the MOST participants register and attend a workshop will win the title of Paisley Grace Makery VIPs PLUS everyone in the winning team will be awarded a $50 Gift Card towards any PGM Workshop , order or Merchandise


Make a true party and choose a theme, a costume, something everyone will wear! Impress our instructors and we will have prizes for the most CREATIVE group!!


Our greatest compliment was when you bring new friends and family to our studio!! So we want to reward you for sharing the PGM LOVE! The group that brings the most FIRST TIME Makers will win a prize!


When you're group is in the studio, CHECK IN! At the end of the night show the instructor how many "LIKES" you and your friends received on your status! We'll have a prize for the most SOCIAL group!

  • Choose a TEAM NAME or TEAM CAPTAIN.  EVERYONE who registers for the night you choose that is a part of your group MUST write this in their notes when the register to receive credit.  
  • ONLY valid for SEPTEMBER WORKSHOP Dates (Toddler Time is not included).
  • All members must ATTEND the workshop to be counted as a participating Team Member 
  • PRIZES will be awarded OCTOBER 1st Via LIVE Video. 
  • TO be eligible for the BEST DRESSED category, a picture must be taken of your group by our staff members so we can all vote!  
  • To be eligible for the MOST NEW PEOPLE category, the individual must register in THEIR name!  This is the only way we can fairly track it.   
  • To be eligible for the MOST SOCIAL category, the likes on instagram or Facebook must be logged by 9pm by our instructor (instructor may adjust slightly based on group painting time, but everything will be tallied at one time!).