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Raising Makers Community: Founding Member Price 

What you'll get each month:

  • Continued support in your business with monthly Hot topics (Workshop Tips, Order Management, Cash Flow, Proper Pricing, Subscription Box Tips, Customer Care, Shop/Material Efficiency, Creative Scheduling, HR Tips, SVG Designing Tips, etc)
  • Exclusive .SVGs with photographed pictures for you to use 
  • Expert Guest talks
  • LIVE OFFICE HOUR every month to ask your questions and motivate you for the month (recorded in case you miss it)
  • Swipe Copy for Social Media Engagement Posts each month 


Customer Reviews

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Great so far!

It's like TV for me! Every night when I'm winding down, I go to the group and click on the guides. It's like each one is an episode! There is so much information and it is easily presented.