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Sola Wood Flowers

June Cleaver Assortment: 100 Pack

June Cleaver Assortment: 100 Pack

The June Cleaver sola flowers assortment is simply attractive. The perfect purples and pinks combine beautifully with the more neutral raw and hazelnut colored wooden flowers.  Dyed assortments are perfect for wood flower bouquets, centerpieces or any other home decor projects. In this assortment you will receive a variety of flowers ranging in size from 1.5" - 2".    The colors used in this assortment are Rose Quartz, Rosewood, Frosted Mulberry, Hazelnut, and Raw in stock and ready to ship! Please note - the combination of flowers you receive may not be exactly as pictured. The number of flowers, and the colors in the assortment, will remain the same.
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