The Vision Behind SPREAD JOY

"I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples." ~ Mother Theresa

Each month, our team will read through each and every entry and choose NINETEEN people to send a small gift ... a sign, a DIY Kit, something to make them smile for no reason other to let them know they are loved.   We ask that you share this page, come to it often when friends or family of yours could use encouragement and tell others to do the same. 

Paisley Grace Makery was started as a vision to be a place where people gathered... leaving all stressors behind and connecting together.  My vision was always that it could be the LIGHT in someone's week and a place where we could really LOVE on people in a world that is consumed by busyness and chaos often times.  

One Sunday in April of 2021, I was sitting in service and the Pastor Carlos was talking about loving others in all we do.  Then he mentioned talked about how on September 11th, NINETEEN people came over with a mindset of hatred and changed our country forever.  It wasn't a million, it wasn't thousands... not even hundreds.  Nineteen. 

So what if NINETEEN people were touched by JOY, LOVE AND KINDNESS?  What ripple could occur?   It hit me right in the heart that although the studio is a great place to gather... it can't possibly always reach those in need.  So there I sat with the word nineteen circling in my mind and spreading joy and love.... and within three minutes this idea was born.

So while I know that small gifts in a person's mail box or doorstep may not change the world... I do know that Mother Theresa had a point, that the stones of kindness we throw can create many ripples.

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