The Reality Show of Decorating... Made Easier...for people with busy lives...

You've seen them.  The perfect Pinterest-worthy houses that are perfectly decorated for every season?  They're inspiring, and amazingly cute.   

But almost it's impossible for me to keep up with those "Joneses".  Between running a studio business, virtual schooling the kids and family responsibilities... decorating for every holiday is NOT in my REALITY! 

At Paisley Grace Makery we  have three projects that allow the ultimate in decorating quickness. 

Starting at the bottom of the picture is our Interchangeable Collection.  We have signs, door hanger, welcome planters and porch signs that all leave a blank space to magnet on easy-to-paint 5" shapes.  So you can literally swap it out as you walk out the door!  Whether you have a sand dollar, a pumpkin, a Christmas Tree or even a birthday cupcake--(check out the shapes we have here) these simple projects are easy to paint, and a perfect way to start your easy-holiday-decorating-collection! (That's a word right?)

In the middle is a new project we launched this year.  Our DROP IN FRAME collection. Any of the designs in our SIGNATURE collection have the option to be placed on a thin board that fits perfectly into the groves of the DROP IN FRAME.  This is perfect if you have a spot on your gallery wall you want to change seasonally-- or maybe that space leading into your kitchen.  The best part is with these signs too you can save money and space by painting on BOTH sides of the board!  Paint one design to use all year long and then add in seasonal designs for years to come.  Bonus is the insert boards are only 1/8" thick so storing them is as easy as a basket under a bed or on a shelf! 

And NEW for 2021 is our new Swappable Circle Door Hanger.  This door hanger features a back plate and a 3D Ring that is glued on, providing a perfect space for the laser cut discs to fit in.  Add a bow and greenery for a special touch!  With this collection, you simply push out the design through the hole in the back and swap it out for the next season. I especially love this design for that hard to solve problem of having DOUBLE doors.  My plan is to continue to come up with two-part disc designs that can be used to "complete" the sentence and have making doors without having to paint and store a huge door hanger!  

Here's hoping I can have my Christmas stuff down before decorating for Valentine's Day this year with help from these handy tools! 



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